Hana Sushi

Restaurant & Café

Monorail Sushi

Freshly made sushi directly deliver to your table.

First of its kind in Toronto

Hana Sushi is the very first that have table side delivery train

Easy Steps to Order

  1. Order item from ipad
  2. Monorail delivers the food to your table
  3. Get your food
  4. Press the yellow button to send the train away
  5. Enjoy your food!


$1.99 (White)







$5.99 (Red)

$2.99 (Green)







$7.99 (Black)

$3.99 (Blue)

Color-coded in 5 different colors

Enjoy your favorite dishes, always know the price of the dish you are getting!


(647) 350-8830



Opens Everyday (Except Tuesday)

11:00AM – 10:00PM


21 Grenville Street
Toronto ON, M4Y 1A1

Hana Sushi & Café

Reservation and Inquiries

(647) 350-8830